When I came home i had so many notifications on here omg

I guess you 999 fans found that shitty old artwork oh gosh

I’ll do something better once I have the next game (already pre-ordered with a watch, fuck yeah ♥)

but thanks for all the likes and reblogs i guess???????

I honestly never thought I’d ever draw Clover, but here ya go. Her hair was so much fun omg

I seriously can’t stop drawing her…

Alrighty here’s the rest of em’

I gave up during the big group picture I was redrawing from the back of the instruction booklet so it came out pretty crappy.

And I make Pony!Snake’s ears unnaturally larger on purpose, since he relies on em’ more because he’s blind and shit.

Oh geeze my obsession with Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors is getting pretty crazy XD

Junpei/June is my OTP now :I