Got my new shelves put in for my games and stuff
There’s another shelf hidden by bed with more movies on it too ^^

Top shelf: TV and PSP
Top left shelf: PSP, Gameboy, DS, & 3DS games. DSI & Original DS
Bottom Left Shelf: PSX and PS2 games
Middle shelf: PS2 /w memory cards and controller.

Top right shelf: N64 games

Bottom right shelf: N64 with mic and controllers.

Bottom Two shelves: Favorite movies and anime listed alphabetically.

I want Wreck-It Ralph to come out nowwwwwwwwwww

I’ll be sure to buy the art books for it and Rise of the Guardians

oh gosh November is going to be great

I’ve never bought so much stuff there oh my god

I finally own Ocarina of Time. Everyone hated me because I never owned it. NOW I DO SO GO AWAY SHEESH.

Stuffed otter yay <3