Under the cut because spoilers c:

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I really miss RPing, especially as Badou. And I know there’s few DOGS RP’ers so I’ll branch out to any other fandoms c:

If anyone has an RP account and would like to RP with my Badou this is my Badou account: http://stray-gun-smoker.tumblr.com/

If I dont reply to any PMs contact me on this account that I’m posting with so I know to go to that account c:

   Series: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

   Warnings: Small spoilers for volumes 4, 5, & 7

   Characters: Badou & Mimi

    She sat quietly on her couch, warm mug of coffee pressed to her freezing lips.  Not so much to drink it at this moment, but to provide some general warmth to her skin. Her apartment complex was currently suffering some.. temperature issues. Kiri had offered her a room in her restaurants upstairs home but she had declined, saying she had some ‘paperwork’ at home.
    But of course there was no paperwork. There was nothing at all. Just her and herself and her small mind backtracking her actions and wondering why she can’t just say what she means. It’s always been like this, she remembers. Even during her younger years. She always had to be brave for him. But if he knew the truth..


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I’m having badou/mimi feels again nnonononono i cant do this i cant

i will be devastated if it doesn’t become official canon because if you keep up with the story you KNOW Mimi is hiding her feels. Doug especially knows it but shes just so mean to Badou but she obviously cares for him deeply and i just

Below the cut.

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My favorite mangas all in a row. Got #7 today, I sobbed everywhere.

(The one of the far left is a box set with the last two episodes of the OVA and the special edition of volume 0 /w a bonus comic.)

I think I’m going to post some head-canons and/or theories and just and bunch of stuff about the series tonight because I’m really in a DOGS mood

This city is magnificent. Good, evil, beauty, ugliness…All of it is right here in this city. There are those who only indulge in the darker side of life. And there are those who help the weak and protect them. It’s quite amazing how strongly people cling to their lives. They should all realize it. The surface will also see the same fate eventually. It’s something to look forward to.

Shirow Miwa you’re ruining my lifeeeeeee