Day 10 - Character you’d bring home to your parents.

SEVEN No It’s totally be Snake or Junpei. MOM IM DATING A BLIND GUY.

Day 11 - Character you’d be best friends with.

Hmm, Junepi or June. I just think I’d get along with June really well, and Junpei and I can make retarded jokes together x3

Day 12 - Character who would be your rival.

Now if this was like a friendly rival, I could see me going against Clover. But if this is like a serious rivalry then probably Santa xD

Day 13 - Character you would date.

Asdfghjkl; Junpeiiiii <3 Or Snake :3

Purtail, I will love you to death if you make more of these. I set it as my wallpaper as soon as I got home.

Snake is so hot wtf

Well thats it. I’ve finished Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors.

Man that game was amazing. Now I have to sit here and wait for Virtues Last Reward to release, I’d better go pre-order it.

I guess I’ll start the 999 30-day challenge or something. I’m also thinking about buying one of the 999 wallscrolls to hang up in my room. This was the first visual novel I’ve ever played, and it was a lot of fun.

Alrighty here’s the rest of em’

I gave up during the big group picture I was redrawing from the back of the instruction booklet so it came out pretty crappy.

And I make Pony!Snake’s ears unnaturally larger on purpose, since he relies on em’ more because he’s blind and shit.