So a few days ago I had a dream about what seemed like the origins of King Sombra
While I don’t remember it in it’s entirety, here’s a basic summary I think

Basically Sombra was shunned by the crystal ponies because of his normal grey coat (it was a light grey, not black like in the show) that wasn’t glittery like the other ponies. He was exiled to a mountain top where an evil green shadow phased into his eyes and tormented him. I remember his coat and crown floating on the green shadow and wrapping around Sombra as his walked into the mountain cave.
I assume his coat color became darker from living in there and the green shadow feeding off his resentment for the crystal ponies until finally he emerged from his cave and enslaved all the ponies for 1,000 years.

I dont know what my head is doing but okay.


Hello tumblr! I’ve been meaning to start this blog for awhile and I finally got the time to do it. Please ask me anything you like!


Sleepy Dragon by ~021

I like ponies.

Drew mine and my best friends’ Oc’s as ponies.
In order: Julius, Rose, Dawn, Aiden, Nate, Das.

And then Julius being gay.

Hooray for Target having a price cut on the fashion set!

Boo on Target for the DVD being stuck on the shelf causing me to rip the box.

Alrighty here’s the rest of em’

I gave up during the big group picture I was redrawing from the back of the instruction booklet so it came out pretty crappy.

And I make Pony!Snake’s ears unnaturally larger on purpose, since he relies on em’ more because he’s blind and shit.