I really miss RPing, especially as Badou. And I know there’s few DOGS RP’ers so I’ll branch out to any other fandoms c:

If anyone has an RP account and would like to RP with my Badou this is my Badou account: http://stray-gun-smoker.tumblr.com/

If I dont reply to any PMs contact me on this account that I’m posting with so I know to go to that account c:

"We signal in a moonbeam,

I beg you to follow me.

You say that I’ll be surprised,

At the codes in the sunrise.”

"Please go on and on,

This beauty and your venom.

I love to play and sing along,

I love to play and sing along.”

You can’t escape that afterglow.

A bright blue glare lighting up the smoky air.

No it will hunt you down.

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Sleep again.

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She had her own way of playing it though, and that is to fill up every chamber except one.
Now she would be more likely to die.
Unfortunately, it never seemed to work.

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