I got one of those paint your own pony kits today along with nurse redheart so I made firefly and bowtie out of them!

My first fully rehaired custom pony!

My darling Bekuno has come to life

mm every other gameloft update i get the pony game becomes unplayable. it’ll either crash immediately after loading or stay for a minute or two and then crash. It’s virtually unplayable

Anyone else using a 4th Gen Ipod Touch and having this problem?

They’re so amazing. I knew they were going to be bigger than G4 but I wasn’t sure how big. They’re close to the height of the G4 fashion ponies.

So heres my collection update!

Oh hey I still have some G3 pony toys
They’re from mcdonalds, they were locked away with all my other fast food toys.

I finally found a seller in my county that has 80’s pony toys and she had some G3 ones as well. Since I’m looking into getting some older generation toys I decided to display them on a shelf near my G4 collection

So with my massive amount of G4 ponies I’ll also be recieveing some G1 (finally!) and G3 ponies
Those being: Lemondrop, Scoops, & Moonstone from G1 and Rainbow Flash and Fluttershy with G3

The ones in the picture are Minty, Wysteria (cant wait to get her G4 version. I’m so glad I still have her), and Pinkie Pie.

So a few days ago I had a dream about what seemed like the origins of King Sombra
While I don’t remember it in it’s entirety, here’s a basic summary I think

Basically Sombra was shunned by the crystal ponies because of his normal grey coat (it was a light grey, not black like in the show) that wasn’t glittery like the other ponies. He was exiled to a mountain top where an evil green shadow phased into his eyes and tormented him. I remember his coat and crown floating on the green shadow and wrapping around Sombra as his walked into the mountain cave.
I assume his coat color became darker from living in there and the green shadow feeding off his resentment for the crystal ponies until finally he emerged from his cave and enslaved all the ponies for 1,000 years.

I dont know what my head is doing but okay.

hey hey hey
you guys should come hang out with me on LOE
I wanna make friends!

I went a picked this up at the bookstore today and managed to read the whole thing on the drive home. It’s just a little kids chapter book, about 131 pages with a handful of easy activity pages in the back and a large princess twilight standee.

Summary: Newly crowned ‘Princess’ Twilight Sparkle doesn’t feel ready to be a princess yet. She isn’t quite sure how to be a leader, and doesn’t want to ask Princess Celestia for help. So instead of her mentor, she seeks the help of her pegasister-in-law (thats the actually term they use i swear) Princess Cadence. Cadence tells her the story of how she became a princess and gives Twilight a single clue to help her along with a very special gift. So with Princess Cadence advice she goes back to her 5 best friends for help. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can just learn in a day and Twilight gets mixed up with two unfortunate evil-doers and almost looses sight of what friendship and leadership means.

So yes, Twilight is an Alicorn Princess in the novel. You also get to learn Cadence’s backstory! (SPOILER: She wasn’t born an alicorn). I liked learning about her roots, she’s one of my favorite characters after all!

Also you get your nice mix of pop culture refrences and learn some new pony puns and town/city names!

As for the ponies in the story you are introduced to some new ones and some favorite appear!
New crystal empire ponies
Shining Armor
The cake family
A villainous pony in Cadence’s story
and the Great and Powerful Trixie

It’s pretty short but it’s really a nice little story. I thought it would have made a great season 4 episode too.

5/5 grade school material but still very enjoyable!!

I really love the whole ‘pony clones are actually changelings’ thing they did with the new gameloft update!

So yes if your wondering why theres like 20 twilights running around canterlot, those are changelings

Also glad i can actually play it and it doesnt crash on start up

Now to get those god damn balloon pop ponies that I cAN NEVER GET FOR SOME REASON??

Is there anyone else who NEVER received the St. Patricks day MLP update?

I know back on the valentines one I didn’t get until valentines day though some had it sooner

But St. Patricks day ahd come and gone and I still dont have an update?

I cant seem to find any information on this either, did anyone else not get the update?