Day 9 - Least Favorite Puzzle

Hmm, tough one. I’m quite the puzzle addict, so there’s really no puzzle in the game that I disliked. The one in the torture room with Lotus where you had to match up those things in her brain was a bit troublesome for me though.

Sorry, I’m on spring break and I’ve been getting distracted ^^;

Day 6 - Character You Look Like The Most

Whelp, if June was a blonde then we’d look pretty similar xD

Day 7 -Character You Have The Most In Common With

Probably Junpei, what with the dirty thoughts, and bad jokes and what not. But I’m like a combination of Clover, Junpei, Lotus, and June xD

Day 8 - Favorite Puzzle

Omg most definitely the final puzzle. Screw you guys I LOVE Sudoku.
I still lol at the fact that in the novels the final puzzle is a rubiks cube, which I would never be able to solve.

Well thats it. I’ve finished Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors.

Man that game was amazing. Now I have to sit here and wait for Virtues Last Reward to release, I’d better go pre-order it.

I guess I’ll start the 999 30-day challenge or something. I’m also thinking about buying one of the 999 wallscrolls to hang up in my room. This was the first visual novel I’ve ever played, and it was a lot of fun.

Alrighty here’s the rest of em’

I gave up during the big group picture I was redrawing from the back of the instruction booklet so it came out pretty crappy.

And I make Pony!Snake’s ears unnaturally larger on purpose, since he relies on em’ more because he’s blind and shit.