I dont have any experience with making customs, or really the supplies or skill to do them correctly but I did make this anyway.

With a black sharpie I recolored a Rainbow Dash figure to look like the Pony OC I designed to represent my best friend~


dont talk to me ill get attached to you and become jealous of anyone else who talks to you

They look like little flowers instead of butterflies

But um yeah

Best friend <3


I love Appa so much omg ;3;

Edit: Left out a bit of what Aang said so I just re-added it eheh


"Yo, Murphy! You’re on in five." Called a young reporter in the hallway. The scruffy man I sat pushed up against shifted slightly and gently scooted off his lap. My hand immediately reached out in protest and grabbed his sleeve.
“Why can’t we just do the interview together?” I whined.
I’ve never even done an interview before. Local broadcast or not I don’t care much for people knowing who I am.
Murphy chuckled, “Ah, you’ll be fine sweetheart. You manage to stay on stage in front of a crowd just fine.”
“Just barely,” I mumble. “Im being silently judged by hundreds no matter what.”
He heaved a sigh and brushed some of my hair behind my ear. “Everything will be just fine, and,” He tapped his index finger against my nose, “Don’t let them know our little secret.” I giggled and nodded. The man who called him out earlier had come to retrieve him. “And remember Puppy,let those baby blues shine!”
My eyes. He always had to mention my eyes.
Another guy came in a minute later and warned me I have about ten minutes to get ready.
“Ten minutes till I pass out on camera.” I mutter. Have any mutants ever shown up on television? Ones that aren’t DEAD maybe? Oh man I can’t do this. My tail was starting to curl in fear. I’m screwed, oh my god I’m going to be killed.
“Five minutes Ms. Haru!”
Ohhhh no. My stomach lurched.
Alright, Bekuno. Deep Breaths. It won’t take too long. Remember all the lies you have to tell. Don’t tell them about the relationship. Don’t tell them what you are. My accent is starting to disappear right?
“One minute!”
Fuck. My. Life.