Day 14 - Favorite Quote?

"Dear Princess Celestia… I DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING!" :D - AppleJack

Day 14 - Which Character do you think looks the best?

June and Clover! <3 I should cosplay as them sometime..

Day 10 - Best and worse trait of Twilight Sparkle

The thing I love about Twilight is that she always tries her best to do whats right not only for herself but for the community. But the way she’s always so crazy with being perfect about some things to the point that it dives herinsanejust bothers me.

Day 11 - Favorite Twilight Sparkle scene

When she whips out that crazy dance in Sweet and Elite xD

Day 12 - The First Episode you saw?

Sonic Rainboom! :3

Day 13 - Favorite Cutie Mark Story from the Cutie Mark Chronicles?

Ah, Rainbow Dash’s! After all, it helped the others gain their cutie marks and I thought that was really cool!

Day 10 - Character you’d bring home to your parents.

SEVEN No It’s totally be Snake or Junpei. MOM IM DATING A BLIND GUY.

Day 11 - Character you’d be best friends with.

Hmm, Junepi or June. I just think I’d get along with June really well, and Junpei and I can make retarded jokes together x3

Day 12 - Character who would be your rival.

Now if this was like a friendly rival, I could see me going against Clover. But if this is like a serious rivalry then probably Santa xD

Day 13 - Character you would date.

Asdfghjkl; Junpeiiiii <3 Or Snake :3

Day 9 - Which Pony Do You Relate to the Most?

Applejack most likely. What with being a southern pony and all and a head as hard as a rock. Applejack is probably a Taurus too, which would make us even more similar.

Day 9 - Least Favorite Puzzle

Hmm, tough one. I’m quite the puzzle addict, so there’s really no puzzle in the game that I disliked. The one in the torture room with Lotus where you had to match up those things in her brain was a bit troublesome for me though.

Day 6 -Least Favorite From The Mane Cast

Mmm, I kinda hate doing this honestly. I was very picky about what ponies I liked and didn’t like at first and didn’t mind blowing some off, but now I’m getting attached to ones I used to not like. So let’s just do Rarity, seeing as how I didn’t start liking her very much until Season 2

Day 7 - Favorite and Least Favorite Song

Becoming Popular is most definitely my favorite of the songs~ And least favorite? Hmm, I guess the Heart Carol.

Day 8 - Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader


Sorry, I’m on spring break and I’ve been getting distracted ^^;

Day 6 - Character You Look Like The Most

Whelp, if June was a blonde then we’d look pretty similar xD

Day 7 -Character You Have The Most In Common With

Probably Junpei, what with the dirty thoughts, and bad jokes and what not. But I’m like a combination of Clover, Junpei, Lotus, and June xD

Day 8 - Favorite Puzzle

Omg most definitely the final puzzle. Screw you guys I LOVE Sudoku.
I still lol at the fact that in the novels the final puzzle is a rubiks cube, which I would never be able to solve.

Day 5 - Favorite Animal Featured in the Show

Hmm this a tough one. This show just fuels my love for mythical creatures so it’s kinda hard to choose between them. But the appearance of Cerberus in the newest episode made me happy <3
Gummy is a fuckin’ beast too.