Okay, before you watch this do you know what the Talking Carl app is?  Well it’s an app where this little red fucker repeats back anything you say to him in a higher voice.  That’s all I’m saying.  Now click play bitch

I AM CRYING! 😂😂😂😂😂

I can’t breathe omggg

im fucking choking over heRE HELP AHAHAH JFC


officer grayson

Not going to lie I still get so happy when I think about my trip to Disney World a few years back and while i was waiting for my parents to order drinks I was standing a few feet away and it was near one of the face character meetups and it happened to be right when they were switching out characters so Jasmine and Aladdin walked right by me and waved and oh my god I felt like a little kid again I was just beaming with joy ahaha

art can go fuck itself cuz i don’t want to do it anymore


has anyone ever just


i would just like to point out that this


is dick and tim’s idea


of a convincing argument.


never stop, boys. never.

Literally the best part is just Dick throwing up his arms as he walks away oh my god you babe


daily reminder that tim drake is a fucking nerd

Plush boyfriend acquired


Look at these cute dolls of the CMC!

these are actually…. kinda cute. I’m tempted to get Scoots unless it comes as a three-pack.

Crazy ‘feminist’ pony bloggers are just as bad as bronies holy shit you are both equally annoying lol