I don’t feel like existing for awhile so I think that’s what I’ll do.

If Precursor Chronicles was a live action film, this is what everyone would look like (kinda):

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I would take it. For real

Oh hey so like, any of you 117 people who follow this blog for whatever reason

I’ll probably start having more NSFW stuff posted here because it’s a ‘personal’ blog for a reason

So yeah youre welcome to unfollow and if you come bitch at me about it I’m just gonna ignore you

I’ll tag it all as NSFW tho so if anyone wants to stay for whatever reason makesure your tumblr savior / blacklist is in working order




Appreciation post for Rumrock on Deviantart and her awesome Gorillaz fanart

This is fantastic




Hemingway App


Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear. 

Basically the coolest little tool to have as a writer.

This is awesome!!!

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