Casual reminder to self that you’re fucking annoying and need to learn to shut up.

What a mood killer. I think I’m going to puke.

There are three people sitting around a campfire.

On the left is a young man with a sharp jaw and a mohawk.
In the middle is a girl with her hair down, though she rarely lets it be that way, and something on her face.
To the right is another young man with a ripped band shirt on.

They are silent.

The man with the mohawk digs around in his pocked and pulls out a package of cigarettes and a match.

"We have three left." He says to the girl and the man with a band shirt.

The girl continues to look at the campfire and the other young man just nods. It would be the last three they’d have for a long time.

The young man with a mohawk hands a cigarette to both of them and takes the last one, he gives the other young man a match.

The young man in the band shirt liked matches much more than lighters, and it was hard to explain why.

Yet he taps on the girl shoulder and asks her, “Hey princess, would you like to do the honors?”

The girl takes it from him without a word but opens her mouth for another reason. She strikes the match on her teeth and holds the tiny flame between her fingers. The young man in the band shirt taught her that trick.

Hers is first, then the mohawk, then band shirt.

The match is discarded.

There are three people sitting in a fire.

Okay no, no, I just have to fucking say it at this point.

Fuck off. Seriously. I have not had a conversation with you in half a year now, and I think the last time I spoke to you it was me telling you to fuck off as well.

I don’t know what you’re not getting about this. You piss me off constantly, I don’t want to speak to you, ever.



One day my voice will be able to produce the most beautiful sounds.

It will become mechanical.

Just like the rest of me.


Bow-tie ACEO for Hope by ~BlackAngel-Diana


inspired by actual events



I'm curious how many there are on tumblr.

Look who’s finally home!!!